Be a mermaid and make waves poster


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Be a mermaid and make waves poster – Frameless full size. Every room deserves to be special with this pretty poster.

Fun Facts about Mermaids

  • Atargatis was a beautiful and powerful priestess who fell in love with a human shepherd boy who she had a child with. An older Atargatis then tried to commit suicide, by throwing herself into the ocean to drown, but the Gods didn’t let her die. Instead, the Gods changed Atargatis into a mermaid, with the upper body of a woman, and lower body of a fish.
  • The word “mermaid” contains the Old English “mere” (sea), and the “maid” (a girl or young woman). The equivalent of Old English was merewif. 
  • Many folklorists and mythographers deem that the origin of the mythic mermaid is the dugong.
  • These mythological mermaids were not only deadly and vicious, but they also had feathers and could fly!
  • The medieval church used mermaids and sirens to teach Christians about sin, salvation, and promiscuity.
  • At this time, it would not have been uncommon for animals to have been mistaken for the legendary sea creatures, because manatees would rise out of the water like mermaids, and they would also perform ‘tail stands’!
  • Generally, to overcome these kinds of superstitions, the Captain of the ship would be tied to the mast and the rest of the crew would stuff their ears with wax, to drown out any potential harmful singing from the mermaids. Or they’d sail another way.

    Be a mermaid and make waves poster
    Be a mermaid and make waves poster

Be a mermaid and make waves poster

Everyone must have Be a mermaid and make waves poster – Frameless supreme quality print posters in various sizes serve as statement pieces, creating a personalized environment. High quality, full color, high matte wall posters. Printed on sturdy, high quality paper, with vibrant colors. Available in common frame sizes. 12″ × 18″, 20″ × 30″, 24″ × 36″ High quality museum grade paper. Ships in protective tube.

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